Simran Arora

About me

I am a Computer Science graduate from Fresno State. Graduated in May 2017. I aspire to be an efficient developer who is dedicated and hardworking. I have qualities like I am young and enthusiastic and can write efficient and neat code. I am excited to learn new things and explore new gadgets in the market. I am a optimistic person and have a competitive attitude. I am also a good team player with excellent communication skills.


School Major Year

SVISG, India


1994 - 2008

S.G.T.B Khalsa College, Delhi University, India

Bachelors of Physical Science

2008 - 2011

California State University, Fresno, USA

Masters in Computer Science

2013 - 2017


1z0-047 Oracle Database SQL Certified Expert : Effective Aug 7, 2013.


Android Intern at XVIDIA (Jan'2017 - Apr'2017) :

Worked for Vowmee app. Worked on the video streaming module, use of camera in android applications. Also learned Run Time Requests in Android Applications.


1. Did You Know

Android based app published on google play store (link). App displays 10 fun facts in random order on the button click.

2. Scuba Dive App

Team project to build an android application to be used by Scuba divers, to keep a check on the level of nitrogen in human body for subsequent dives. The app uses the NAUI and PADI table to calculate the dive time and the dive depth for different dives.

3. Roll a Ball

Developed a beginner level game in Unity 3D Game Engine.

4. Text to 3D Scene Generation

AI class project, in this the user provides with natural language text as input from which we extract explicit constraints on the objects that should appear on the screen.

5. RNA-Sequencing Normalization Methods

As part of bioinformatics independent research work, a study was done on different normalization techniques for analyzing RNA-sequences and some improvements were proposed for accurate results.

Technical Skills

Programming Languages :

C++, C, Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Haskell


Oracle, SQL


Xcode, Eclipse, Unity3D, Android Studio, shell

Operating System :

MacOS, Windows